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Retirement income planning is a complex and dynamic process that is different from traditional retirement planning, which focuses on the accumulation of wealth. There are many moving parts that must be prioritized long before you retire and monitored carefully to ensure the fulfillment of your retirement vision. Our goal is to make your life easier and enable you to retire, and remain retired, with minimal worries. At Retirement Income Center, we are your true partner in planning, managing, and protecting your retirement income.



Planning is the first and most important step in providing outstanding service for our clients. At Retirement Income Center, we have a dedicated process to help build your custom, comprehensive Retirement Income Plan.



Prudent retirement income planning strategies begin with thoughtful, conservative investment strategies and management. At Retirement Income Center, we offer Investment Advisory and Fixed Income Annuity Services.



At Retirement Income Center, we take income protection very seriously. With proper plan protection, the potential for financial devastation in the event of disability, death, illness, or other personal crisis will be minimized.


Robert Klein is the founder and President of Retirement Income Center, a Registered Investment Advisor, located in Newport Beach, California. Bob founded the firm in 2012 in order to promote his specialization and expertise in retirement income planning.

Bob has been interviewed on several radio talk shows. He has been quoted, and his expertise featured, in various publications, including The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Forbes, CNBC, Yahoo! Personal Finance, InvestmentNews, Financial Advisor Magazine, Retirement Advisor Magazine, Wealth Manager Magazine, Retirement Income Journal, InsuranceNewsNet, LifeHealthPro, AnnuityNews,, and Wells Fargo Small Business Roundup Newsletter.

Certified Public Accountant
Personal Financial Specialist
Retirement Income Certified Professional®
Certified in Long-Term Care
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Taxation


Read Between the Retirement Survey Headlines

Read Between the Retirement Survey Headlines

I was recently looking at the results of one of the key word searches that I routinely perform, “retirement survey.” The first two, both of which are headlines of articles in widely-read publications, are as follows: Younger Americans are the Most Optimistic About Retirement, Study Shows Older Workers Feel on Track for Retirement. Are They?… Continue Reading

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